Residential Building Plans

As Custom Home Builders, we currently provide over 15 home plans ranging from 1500 square feet to over 10000 square feet for our customers. Any home plan can be modified for the customer's lifestyle. Our plans are exclusively designed and modified as needed by GM Reynolds, LLC.

Every home is built with the same quality and standards, regardless of size. What many builder's consider as "expensive options", we consider the same upgrades as normal production, without the expensive price increase. We are able to do this using honest, fair market bidding.

We believe your new dream home is an "investment" and it should be your choice on how you want to "spend it".

"Welcome Home!!"

Construction Specifications

Designs constantly change, and the building departments regulations must be strictly adhered to. We provide on site supervision on all of our work sites to ensure unvarying operations.

At Alliance Builder's Group, Inc. we only subcontract about 10% of every project. Utilizing local sub-specialties for local building regulation requirements and maintaining positive local relations within that community. The majority of the project, about 90%, is completed by personnel directly working for Alliance Builder's Group. Ensuring every worker is legally employed and covered by our Worker's Liability Insurance. We believe if we take care of our people, they will in-turn, take care of us.

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