About us - Our Mission

We take great pride in the attention to detail that is placed into any project that carries our name. As you know, there is quality and then there is quality. True quality is as much unseen as it is seen. That includes everything from structural integrity to energy efficiency to the quality control we place into every home or office space. We limit the number of projects that we will build, so that we can be very involved at every phase of construction. We hold our workers to a very high standard, and they know that. They know if it does not look right, even if it iss level and plumb, we will not hesitate to make them redo it. My reputation as a General Contractor is that I am very detail-oriented, and that is why most clients choose me. I want to live up to that reputation with every project that I build.

About - Our Owner

Valeriy Khodyukov's experience as a builder began in Russia, where he worked as a Project Manager building and remodeling large magnificent churches. Two of these historical churches include the Saint Trinity and the Saint Peter and Paul Cathedrals in Moscow. Arriving in America he worked for another general contractor for several years prior to obtaining his general contractor license and establishing Alliance Builder's Group, Inc. in 2002. Valeriy has placed "Old World" craftsmanship and quality into every residential and commercial property built. Honesty, integrity and positive communication is what Valeriy and his company truly believes in and strives for everyday. His compassion is expressed in the long lasting friendships that are established with every project.

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